May Beauty Favorites

Spring is coming to an end and Summer is right around the corner! At least that’s what the calendar will have you believe.  Personally, we’ve been carting our umbrellas around every day.  Not that a little rain (a crap ton actually) has stopped us from adding a little bit of spring into our make up game!  Pictured above are some of our current favorites.

The cushion compact foundation had already been a big trend in Korea before taking off here in the US.  The L’oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation ($16.99, Ulta) is a great drug store option.  It offers light to medium coverage with the option to build it up for those not so great skin days.  The finish is luminous, but not oily.  Although, I find it works better for me if I set my t-zone afterwards, but I lean towards the oilier side.  You girls with normal to dry skin may not have to.  Now I didn’t really care for the sponge applicator so I’ve been applying this with my trusty Real Techniques expert face brush and it works great.  Of course that very well could’ve been a user error.

The next product up on the menu is Wet n Wild’s limited edition Mega Glo Highlighting Powder($3.99, Walgreens). I questioned even putting this on the list because it is currently sold out, but if there is ever a chance that you come across this product I would definitely  recommend picking it up. This highlighter is high quality with a drugstore price tag.  Applying it is super quick because it literally takes a couple swipes with makeup brush and you have enough pigmentation to last for hours. It also gives you just the right amount of shimmer, without any of the glitter or sparkles that  are way too common in other highlighting products.

For you nail polish junkies I have something you may want to add to your collection.  I received this Ella + Mila Bon Bon nail polish in the color Pistache  ($10.50, in my May Boxycharm box.  I love the color of this polish!  If ever there was a color that screamed spring this is it. It’s the perfect light sea foam green that was missing in your pastel line up.  I must say I first found the application to be pretty average.  The first layer went on a little streaky, but it was easy to layer and overall the final effect was pretty good.  Another plus is that it surprisingly fast drying and so far I’ve had this bad boy on my toes for a week with zero chips as of yet!

We have to admit that this next recommendation wasn’t a discovery of ours.  We first heard about the Mac Kohl eye liner in Costa Riche ($16.50, MAC Cosmetics) from YouTube’s Kathleenlights.  You may or may not have heard from her.  She’s not that well known;)  The bronzey chocolate eye liner makes for a great summer eye liner because it makes your eyes pop without the intensity of a black eye liner that may be too much effort for just a casual summer evening hanging out with friends.  Kathleen swears by it because it makes her green eyes pop, but we find it doesn’t look half bad on us brown-eyed gals!

Lastly in this post, but not in our hearts is the new reformulated Make Up Geek blush ($15.00,,  Pictured above is the shade XOXO.  This was my favorite item from May’s Boxycharm box.  The formula is incredibly pigmented and smooth.  And by pigmented I mean I barely swirled the brush into the product, tapped several times, and STILL had more than enough product for both cheeks.  The formula is one of the best, if not the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. We seriously can’t wait to get our hands on more shades!

Thanks for reading and please comment below with what products you’ve been having a spring fling with this year!



A way to buy beauty products from across the pond!!

We are back with another website review this however falls under the beauty category as well. I’m sure we can all relate to finding an awesome beauty and skincare product and when you try to buy it you come to the disappointing conclusion that it isn’t available in your country. Beautylish has helped solve this problem for us and I’m sure it can help you as well.

Beautylish is a website in which you can get beauty, skincare, hair care and other similar products. Our greatest find was the Bioderma purifying cleansing solution. We had been seriously pining over this product for almost as long as we have been watching You tube (which believe me is a seriously long time).  We opted to go with the Bioderma Sebium H2O pro pack that included two 500 ml bottles and a travel size 250 ml Bioderma bottle as well.


Being that it was our first order we had a coupon for ten dollars off of a $50 order as well as free shipping to the U.S. for an order over $35. I chose to purchase the Lucas papaw ointment that works as a lip balm, cuticle treatment, and even helps with acne and acne scars. My order also included a free gift in the form of the travel size it cosmetics brow pencil which is exciting all on it’s own.

20150608_103526_Richtone(HDR) 20150608_114220_Richtone(HDR)My order came in a few days later and I was anything but disappointed  the packaging was beautiful, very reminiscent of a high end European pharmacy. It is safe to say that this won’t be my last Beautylish order, and I definitely recommend it for those limited quantity, hard to get products.

Let us know if you would like a more in depth beauty and skincare review on our newest purchases!!

LUSH-ous Stress Relievers

Hello all! We are back with another “little” beauty review. As a college student trying to balance eight things at once and a full-time nurse, stress has now become more of a second nature to us (and for most people we’re sure). Even though we have come to accept it we still look for small ways to relax. One of our favorite ways to treat ourselves is with Lush products. The all-natural ingredients and luxurious scents make us feel like we’re getting the spa experience from the comfort of our own homes. Keep reading to discover some of our favorite products from the company…

One thing I can’t ever seem to resist is a face mask and Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty has quickly become one of my favorite masks of all time. Peppermint is one of the top ingredients that go into this product and it leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. Mask of Magnaminty is meant to deeply cleanse your skin and I can tell you that it does just that. The bentone gel in the mask helps absorb oil which is something my very oily skin appreciates. Overall, it leaves my face feeling incredibly soft and it really helps keep my skin in check and keeps major breakouts at bay.

My next product has to be the Whoosh Shower Jelly and it might be on the list just for the smell alone. The label on this product says it is a wake up call and that it is exactly the way I see and smell it ☺. I am one of those people that absolutely hates mornings and the refreshing lemon and rosemary scent helps to make early mornings a little better (or at least tolerable). Not only does the gel smell great but it also leaves my skin feeling super smooth and moisturizing. This is just the thing to turn a speedy shower into a relaxing and somewhat luxurious experience.



I have a love/ hate relationship with lotion. I love the difference it makes in my skin, but I hate having to wait around for my lotion to sink in after a shower so I can get dressed. Because the only thing I hate more than this is the struggle of having to put on skinny jeans after I’ve just applied lotion to my legs. I skip the gym on those days. Well I skip the gym a lot of days, but still. Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner is really moisturizing and has a great scent. It’s super convenient as it allows you to skip lotion after a shower. You just apply it all over as if you were applying lotion, rinse, pat dry, and presto! I love the feel of my skin when I use it, and I love that the scent stays with me throughout the day.

Another favorite of mine is the Angels on Bare Skin Face and Body Cleanser. This scrub works great on my combination skin as it exfoliates while moisturizing. The clay and ground almonds in this make it a gentle but effective scrub. One of my favorite things about this product is that it doesn’t give my skin that dry, tight feeling that many exfoliators do after use, yet it still feels very clean and fresh. The scent is amazing! It’s a light lavender scent that is not overpowering, and the addition of small lavender flowers gives it a luxurious feel.


We’re always looking for new ways to unwind so feel free to tell us how you find relaxation, and we’d also love to hear about your favorite Lush products! Until next time!

Our BeautyCon Experience

As we sit here going through BeautyCon pictures, all I can think of is how sore my feet were the morning after! Before I get to that though I should probably start at the beginning, I consider myself fairly new when it comes to the world of makeup obsession. One thing I do love is YouTube and watching my favorite YouTubers before bed. So, when Fleur de Force mentioned that she was going to be in Dallas (only 2 hours away) for BeautyCon I knew I had to do my research. For those of you still in the dark BeautyCon is a beauty convention where different makeup brands and popular YouTube personalities come together to interact with fans and talk about all things beauty. Hilda, who is anything but new to makeup, was down of course. We decided on the Pro tickets, which seemed like a happy medium between general admission and platinum tickets. Our tickets included not only early entrance to the event, but also guaranteed a swag bag and a free t-shirt. We counted down the days until the day of BeautyCon finally arrived.

We invited our cousin, who brought along her 5 year old daughter and sister-in-law. Since we had purchased the PRO tickets we only had to stand in line for about twenty minutes before heading inside an hour earlier than the general admission crowd. We walked in expecting to see the place packed with different brands so we were a little disappointed that there were not as many booths as we hoped. Moving along we realized that there were only two actual makeup brands there, NYX and Tarte. Both great brands, but we definitely expected more. Luckily we are not easily deterred and almost instantly headed to pick up our free swag. This was perhaps my favorite moment of the day because as we stood in line Fleur de Force just happened to walk by and the fangirling ensued. Snapchat-6714566815270607922

That wasn’t the only sighting we had though! Imagine our surprise when we spotted Courtney Kerr just a few feet away from us. You may remember her from the Bravo reality show, Courtney Loves Dallas, or you may know her from her blog, She was super sweet and not to mention gorgeous! IMG_20150314_112237

BeautyCon was filled with a whole lot of goodies and we might have gone a little overboard with the freebies. One of our first stops was QVC where we received a small box of beauty samples among those was the WEN cleansing conditioner a potential favorite. Next, we were off to the Birchbox booth where we met Mac Daddy and after standing in only three very long lines we also had a chance to customize our own little Birchbox full of goodies. After not so careful consideration we would have to say that our favorite part of the trip would have to be the amazing deals we snagged at the Tarte booth. We managed to get our hands on some cult favorites like Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara and a Limited Edition Tarte eye shadow palette! All in all we enjoyed our time at BeautyCon Dallas, and we would love to hear from any of you that have attended any BeautyCon events recently and how your experience compared.

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Drugstore Must Haves

We, like most girls, suffer from having high end taste with a drugstore budget. With that in mind we wanted to share a few products that we can’t seem to live without these days.

1. Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

This is a product that both of us seem to use on the daily. Our obsession began a little after the BB cream craze began, and although we have tried a few others it seems that we always find our way back to this particular product. This is a BB cream that fulfills all of it’s promises. This light to medium coverage gives you the perfect base for the rest of your morning routine. Pictured below is the Garnier BB cream in oil-free.

2. Wet n Wild Mega Last Nail Color

One of my favorite ways to start the week is with a fresh coat of nail polish. So I am always on the lookout for my next favorite. The Wet n Wild polishes are no disappointment. These fun shades are long lasting, vibrant, and go on smoothly all for a reasonable price. Which make them a win in my book! Pictured below are the colors Disturbia and Wet Cement

3. La Roche Posay Effaclar Gel Medicated Cleanser

Almost everyone is prone to have the occasional zit or three pop up every now and then, and we are no exception to the rule. We try to prevent this by washing our face daily, and this cleanser has been our latest plan of action. The medicated gel formula has salicylic acid that helps prevent or reduce breakouts. This formula also works great on our oily skin, and as an added bonus they are both paraben and fragrance free.

4. Gold Bond Ultimate Rough & Bumpy Skin Daily Therapy Cream

I not so silently suffer from small, red, and rough bumps on my upper arms otherwise known as Keratosis Pilaris or KP. They are not overly noticeable, but enough to make me self-conscious. Enter Gold Bond Rough & Bumpy Skin Daily Therapy Cream. This product has significantly improved the appearance of my arms this winter. Although, it hasn’t made the problem completely disappear I still find that for the price it’s a great alternative to pricey prescription medicine that for some of us (ahem, me) proves a bit difficult to invest in.

5. Maybelline Lip Whispers

I’ve been finding myself reaching for this particular lip product every single morning for some time now. It delivers a healthy dose of color without the heavier feeling of a lipstick, and is incredibly moisturizing on my lips. The Maybelline Lip Whispers collection also has a wide range of colors to choose from, pictured below are the colors Made-it Mauve and Lust for Blush.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream, La Roche Posay Effaclar Medicated Gel Cleanser, Gold Bond Ultimate Rough & Bumpy Skin, Wet N Wild Nail Color in Disturbia and Wet Cement, Maybelline Lip Whispers in Made-it Mauve and Lust for Blush.

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream, La Roche Posay Effaclar Medicated Gel Cleanser, Gold Bond Ultimate Rough & Bumpy Skin, Wet N Wild Nail Color in Disturbia and Wet Cement, Maybelline Lip Whispers in Made-it Mauve and Lust for Blush.