A way to buy beauty products from across the pond!!

We are back with another website review this however falls under the beauty category as well. I’m sure we can all relate to finding an awesome beauty and skincare product and when you try to buy it you come to the disappointing conclusion that it isn’t available in your country. Beautylish has helped solve this problem for us and I’m sure it can help you as well.

Beautylish is a website in which you can get beauty, skincare, hair care and other similar products. Our greatest find was the Bioderma purifying cleansing solution. We had been seriously pining over this product for almost as long as we have been watching You tube (which believe me is a seriously long time).  We opted to go with the Bioderma Sebium H2O pro pack that included two 500 ml bottles and a travel size 250 ml Bioderma bottle as well.


Being that it was our first order we had a coupon for ten dollars off of a $50 order as well as free shipping to the U.S. for an order over $35. I chose to purchase the Lucas papaw ointment that works as a lip balm, cuticle treatment, and even helps with acne and acne scars. My order also included a free gift in the form of the travel size it cosmetics brow pencil which is exciting all on it’s own.

20150608_103526_Richtone(HDR) 20150608_114220_Richtone(HDR)My order came in a few days later and I was anything but disappointed  the packaging was beautiful, very reminiscent of a high end European pharmacy. It is safe to say that this won’t be my last Beautylish order, and I definitely recommend it for those limited quantity, hard to get products.

Let us know if you would like a more in depth beauty and skincare review on our newest purchases!!


Print your Instagram pictures

For as long as I can remember I have always loved pictures. My friends have come to know me as that annoying girl always taking pictures, and catching everyone’s bad side. Now that isn’t my intention at all, but I simply just love capturing those candid moments. On the off chance that I’m not the only one obsessed with pictures, I wanted to share one of my favorite ways of printing my pictures, and how to display them in a cute and inexpensive way.

Origrami is an Australia based website that turns your pictures into a variety of different prints, and even products such as refrigerator magnets. They also have several packages to choose from when it comes to printing your pictures. These pictures can be transferred from your instagram, dropbox, or uploaded from your computer. Once you decide on the prints you can decide which theme you want on the back of your picture. For example, you can choose a post card theme or the black and white that includes the date that the pictures were taken. One of my favorite things about this site is that it has free shipping worldwide!


I discovered the site a few months back while browsing the internet for room decorating ideas. When I stumbled on to this I realized that this would help me display all of my favorite pictures without my room looking like an amateur art gallery. I chose one of their cheaper packages (sqaureprint) It included 36 4×4 prints just to test the waters and see if the products were really worth the hype. After a couple of weeks my product and I was beyond thrilled with it. I chose to display my pictures in my room by hanging them with clothespins and putting them on some twine.